Yii 3 Kitchen Sink

Fiddling around

Yii 3 kitchen sink

This is a Yii 3 project, created to test, document and showcase the new features of the framework. You can see it running live on https://yii3.idk.tn/.

This originally started as a Wiki post but the post was getting too long, and documenting Yii 3 using Yii 3 was too fun to not be done.

You may want to check the commits of this repository to see how I got there.

You can also checkout this repository first commit:

git checkout 818c6bcc23f08376f1ec35a013c03fb77801c89e

and then progressively update to later commits:

git checkout <commit-hash>


The minimum requirement by this project template is that your Web server supports PHP 7.1.



  1. Clone this project: git clone git@github.com:machour/yii3-kitchen-sink.git
  2. Enter the project folder: cd yii3-kitchen-sink
  3. Create a .env file: cp .env.dist .env
  4. Install dependencies: composer install
  5. Run the project: ./vendor/bin/yii serve

You can now access it via http://localhost:8080/

Using docker

Perform steps 1 to 3 of the manual installation, and then:

  1. Get a bash on the docker image: `docker-compose run --rm php bash``
  2. Install dependencies: composer install
  3. From your docker host, run: docker-compose up -d

You can now access the application via: http://localhost:30080


I'm not affiliated with @yiisoft, and I'm still teaching myself Yii 3, so there might be some errors.

Don't hesitate to point them out be opening a issue. You can also ask your questions there, I'll try my best to help out.